Pokemon Gothorita

Pokedex info on Pokemon Gothorita


Pokemon Gothorita

Black: They use hypnosis to control people and Pokémon. Tales of Gothorita leading people astray are told in every corner.

White: Starlight is the source of their power. At night, they mark star positions by using psychic power to float stones.

Pokedex: #575

Type: Psychic

Species: Manipulate Pokémon

Ability: Frisk, Shadow Tag (Dream World)

Height: 2′4″ (0.71m)

Weight: 39.7 lbs (18.0 kg)

EV Yield: 2 Special Defense

Catch Rate: 100 (13.1% with PokéBall, full HP)

HP: 60

Attack: 45

Defense: 70

Sp. Attack: 75

Sp. Defense: 85

Speed: 55

Total: 390

Evolution: Gothita (Level 32)> Gothorita (Level 41)> Gothitelle