Pokemon Sealeo

Pokedex info on Pokemon Sealeo


Pokemon Sealeo

Pokedex details for the Pokemon Sealeo – Sealeo often balances and rolls things on the tip of its nose. While the Pokémon is rolling something, it checks the object’s aroma and texture to determine whether it likes the object or not.

Pokedex: #364

Type: Ice/Water

Species: Ball Roll Pokémon

Ability: Thick Fat or
Ice Body

Height: 3′07″ (1.1m)

Weight: 193.1 lbs. (87.6kg)

HP: 90

Attack: 60

Defense: 70

Sp. Attack: 75

Sp. Defense: 70

Speed: 45

Evolution: Spheal > Sealeo > Walrein